What do you mean random brain farts aren’t productive?

x_f093372aIt is truly a random kind of day.  On days like these, thoughts drift and visit, like the fragrant blooming flowers…and their pollen–of which I’m luckily not allergic to.  Score one for me!

Thoughts fade in and out like morphing shapes in lava lamps.  Things like, why does Apple’s own Safari browser not recognize some of Apple’s own OS-based trackpad mouse tricks?

Or, sum up Functional Medicine in a sentence.

How many times can I screw up a new process before I finally get it right?  And it’s every step of the way, too – deciding case acceptance, paperwork components, general initial appointment flow, routine testing (which tests are routine in the first place, and then there are questions of payment collection, shipping, etc).  Then there’s the paperwork-related report of findings and then the real report of findings when all the test results have come back and been compiled.

Look at my new blog! Charting Doctor Territory is sure to be a smash hit.  Yes, it’s in WordPress territory.  I’m sure I’m going to Google/Blogger hell at some point.  But hey – sassy chick (on my current WLK template scheme) aside, the WordPress looks better than most Blogger blogs.  There.  I said it.  FYI, most information/posts related to chiropractic, natural medicine, or our particular practice will move over there and this will become pretty much a non-office, non-practice personal blog, where you’ll still be able to continue to enjoy random brain farts from yours truly.

I took another step forward with my Operation: Facebook Unhook by combing through lists of games and apps, along with friends’ pages to not only identify but also block all apps they were using, except, of course, for the tiny handful that are actually useful, such as Networked Blogs, BlogTalkRadio, Twitter, Android, and iPhone.  Might want those so I can see all the juicy status updates.  And truthfully, I momentarily felt like an ass for blocking apps called “Support Our Troops” and “Hug Your Mom”.

But then I remembered what they truly are: a nuisance at best and a wolf in sheep’s clothing at worst.  Apps your friends use will data mine for your info even if you didn’t install the app yourself or agree to your data being shared.  That is, unless you block them.  Every app must be blocked individually, though.  While Facebook doesn’t make it hard, they could certainly make it easier.

We totally cleaned the office this weekend.  Not that it’s totally clean, yet, though, and I’m not sure that it ever will be.  But at least the patients aren’t having to look behind piles of books or under stacks of paper to find me.  I’m still destabilized, though – every time I clean, there’s a learning curve involved because I don’t always remember where I put what.  But it looks better and feels better and I’ll eventually get used to my newfound order.

New technology sucks and it’s hardly ever good.  The smart-phone was about the last good thing invented.  But this mandated push toward CFL light bulbs, cold-white headlights and other light, and so-called “smart meters” that phone home all of your by-the-minute utility usage and shoot the price up and down accordingly (none of which, by the way, you can opt out of).

It would be nice to sleep in bed again.  Not that sleeping on the couch is wearing on me or anything, but it’s the principle – the idea that sleeping on the couch is by limbic necessity and not by conscious pre-frontal cortical choice.

I’m thinking that ACH precursor supplements are really starting to help.  I’ve got to get the rest of my health game on–and soon–but that will come.

Damn, does clearing out FB apps and game-only friends feel good.  I never like deleting or removing someone from my friends list, but sometimes there’s just no other substance there but the 15-20 games they’re playing (and even after you block those, these people invariably begin playing new ones, which keeps you on your game-blocking toes).  If they play a ton of games and constantly add new “friends” without any discrimination and never post anything meaningful or personal to let me know there’s indeed a human being behind the Facebook account, they might as well not be on my list.  I’m not unfriendly, but I don’t lose sleep either.

How does one strike a happy balance between harsh and ineffective/wussy when it comes to signs prohibiting cell phones in the office?  I want people to take it seriously and follow it, but I don’t want to send a mean message that turns off people it wasn’t even intended for.

Am I the only one annoyed by constant software updates?  I’m grateful, and it doesn’t cost anything, but every few days?  Really?  And the changes are usually not even noticeable.  Can’t they just wait until they have a few improvements to implement and then put them all in one package so that people don’t feel like they’re downloading something every 20 minutes?

Did I mention how good the Facebook clean-out feels? 🙂


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