Websites that rule, Part 4

Has it really been about 5 months since I’ve posted a cool collection of websites I’ve found that I liked?  Probably.  Time doesn’t have wrinkles anymore; it has warp zones.

So we’re due.  And have I got a cool collection.  I mean–I always do, but this one is one I can really put my screenname behind.  So without further adieu…

Why the site rules:  Ever feel like you’ve hit your chin on the bottom rungs of the sociodignity ladder?  Does your dad laugh harder than anyone else at his own fart jokes?  Yeah, I feel your pain.  Reclaim some of that dignified humanity here by gazing in horror at pictures of people who tumbled headfirst into the gene pool.  Anytime you’re feeling lame and trashy, just know that there’s a whole Universe of Trailer out there.  Yes, the pictures are real.

Why the site rules:  If you’re looking to explore the world of white Witchcraft without the hype, goth, or teenagers, you’ve come to the right place.  Contemporary yet fad-resistant, this site paints an accurate picture in down-to-mother-earth fashion.  Not only that, but it doesn’t play a cryptic game of hard-to-get by hiding the juicy details behind a pay wall or elaborate (and expensive) scheme, either.  Although the details aren’t all THAT juicy.  But there are plenty of them anyway, and with its compassionate, knowledgeable bedside manner, it answers your sometimes-ridiculous questions without making fun of you.

Why the site rules:  For the first time ever, I’m actually promoting a service.  Yes, it’s web-based and you log into the website.  No, it’s not free, interesting, eye-candy, or informative.  However, we’ve been using it for 9 months, and it has worked quite well.  It’s an online scheduling company that is actually user-friendly, somewhat intuitive, and rather easily navigable.  It’s secure, straightforward, and feature-rich.  I have no vested interest.  If I did, I wouldn’t be living in a low-income apartment complex.  Just call me a happy customer.

Why the site rules:  This is a collection of literally tens of thousands of GREAT, high-resolution desktop backgrounds for your computer.  Unlike many other sites, there’s (way) more than a dozen, the graphics are excellent and not cheesy, and they’re FREE (not “premium” – nor do they tease you).  Download till your heart’s content.  You’ll have a tough time deciding on just one to set as your desktop background at a time.  I suggest investing in an extra harddrive before beginning your desktop adventure.

Why the site rules:  I’m dusting off a (very) oldie-but-goodie that has been around since the era of Audiogalaxy and its downfall.  Having shifted emphasized feel from forum (so 2001-2003) to blog (so 2008-present), it’s a good source for news and resources related to P2P.  It has undergone a much-needed facelift and dare I say it looks….good.

Why the site rules:  By contrast, this site is a relatively recent find.  It’s essentially a Ripoff Report clone, but it looks marginally better.  Pissed Consumer does have a leg up on its competitor in its higher level of activity and that people can comment without having to sign up for an account (and despite that, it’s relatively spam-free) and the comments that follow posts are organized logically and in a way that’s somewhat visually appealing.

Why the site rules:  Like Evil HR Lady, this is a Human Resources (HR – read: corporate hiring)-based blog that bestows free career advice, and like EHRL, Ask a Manager (AAM) answers readers’ questions and whatnot.  However, that’s where the similarities end. AAM writes sound, mature advice with a refreshing streak of spitfire, as evidenced in her occasional but unapologetic use of words like hell and ass.  She’s also quite prolific, much like EHRL in the early days.  She’ll keep you busy for a while.

Why the site rules:  This is the comedy site of the bunch.  I mean, the rest of the sites are at least somewhat useful; this site isn’t, save for a good belly laugh.  I will say that the Shit My Dad Says project has become ever-increasingly commercialized, having left behind its humble roots long ago.  So now, the site has more of a venture-capital sell-out feel.  But it’s still funny, and at least they have left some of the bad language intact without having to resort of substituting asterisks for every other letter.  This site is not Rated G.  You’ve been warned.

Why the site rules:  If you’re one of the poor saps who still uses Facebook (like me), and you’re not ready to give it the heave-ho and delete your account altogether (like me), at least give this site a premo spot in your Bookmarks or (eek!)  Favorites and check back often (also like me).  It’s a (yep, another) blog-style site that posts scam alerts and other Facebook-centered headlines to keep you on top of the plethora of scams and phishing attempts and the ridiculously confusing “privacy” changes.  Knowledge is half the battle (I know, I know – deleting your account is the other half, but we’ve been over this a few times).  Very informative and frequently-updated site, with screenshots of scam attempts.
Why the site rules:  Sometimes?  Customers just suck.  There’s humor, frustration, danger, venting, fails, and wins, all in one gathering place.  Your one-stop-shop for breakroom stories of the unskilled, overworked, and underpaid.  Downright funny – be prepared to spend time here.  If you’re also employed in this particular sector of the workforce, set aside several hours.

There ya go; that should keep us all busy for a few months.

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