Diet riot


Dude.  Is eating.  Ever.  FUN.

See, I started eating fat.  Oh sure, it’s combined with other foods like animal meat or vegetables – it’s not just fat.  But I’ve become downright insistent that I have at least a little extra fat in everything.  Nothing is sacred, not even the morning fruit-and-veggie smoothie.

If I don’t eat fat with every meal, I get hungry too fast and have to keep snacking.  It’s very hard to control blood sugar that way.  It’s also expensive – snacking means eating more food means spending more money.  And it’s usually premium-priced packaged foods to boot.

If I do eat fat with every meal, holy hallelujah!  I get happy.  Almost pathologically happy.  I get energy.  I get motivated. I have mental stamina instead of mental fatigue.  My blood sugar stabilizes and I can make it through the afternoon like a golldang Energizer Bunny without nary a tummy growl.  Not only that, but my food.  Tastes.  Freakin’.  Awesome.  I never thought beef, bacon, or stir-fry could have that much flavor.  Oh.  My.  God.

And now I understand perfectly what the bacon fuss is all about.  It’s crystal clear.  I had a “where you been all my life” moment before promptly devouring an entire bowl (steeped in extra fat, no less) in roughly 2 minutes.  Time me.  I dare you.

Now for the gross part.  I learned the hard way that there is indeed a ceiling on fat intake during any given time.  It’s like drinking alcohol; you can have so much in your system at once and it’s still pleasurable–but cross the line and suddenly things aren’t so fun anymore.  It sneaks up on you, knocks you on your ass, and before you know it you’re praying to the Porcelain God.  Don’t make the same mistake I did.

TLDR; fat rocks – it’s healthier for you than you think, so eat more than you previously thought was healthy – but don’t overdo it.

But still, fat rocks.  Rocks, I tell ya.


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