el Día de Acción de Gracias

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I set my Facebook status to tell the world I “have a hell of a lot to be thankful for” and then decided to call it a day, at least in terms of social networking.  I’m still a member of the old school, where holidays should be at least somewhat sacred and politics-free, so I’m going to take the opportunity instead to use these wee hours of the late morning (Mr. Kitty is still asleep and the house is as quiet as it was in the dark) and reflect on what it is I’m thankful for.

My Family – as most of you know, my parents survived a car wreck that in every other parallel universe, took their lives.  But quite the contrary, they’re alive, well, cognizant, walking, and functional.

Also, I have a wonderful partner.  He loves cats, hates sports, and prefers girl-next-door to skanky women.  He’s intelligent, refined, domestic, and right-leaning independent.  We have 2 cute fur-kids who have their health as well.  Our big fluffy 19-pound heating bad shoves his head into my hand for me to pet him and settles into my side of the bed against me.  Our little girl provides entertainment with ‘tude and yet deep down she is an intelligent little sweetie.  And of course, life isn’t complete without my sister, grandparents, or extended family.  It’s just not.

A Great Year – also as most of you are aware, we escaped Dallas with only a few battle scars, opting for pastures that really are greener, in so many ways.  Our commute and cost of living dwindled, while our sanity gradually returned.  We’ve been blessed with an awesome practice and have nurtured its growth (more on that below).  We have made a few good friends (quality over quantity at this point), discovered some excellent haunts, and indulged in some neat cultural events like the Latin Jazz festival and some attractions at the Mercado.  We’ve come into our own in San Antonio, growing and evolving into different people with an entirely different life.

A Sweet Practice – we’ve been blessed with a reasonably-profitable practice (during an economic depression, no less), an office that is pretty, comfortable, and fun to go to every day, patients that have spawned another branch of extended family, and the joy of being independent and working for yourself.  We’ve witnessed miracles and helped to change lives.  We’ve made some excellent decisions and carved out some sorely-needed niches that people have yearned for and finally found.

And now, a miscellaneous list: I’m thankful for…
* chocolate
* our troops
* responsive apartment management
* things to do that don’t cost anything
* trucks
* fatty foods!
* AT&T Uverse
* Functional Medicine
* being able to take holidays off
* the conservative takeover in the recent elections
* being able to keep in touch with friends, family, acquaintances, classmates, and patients through social media
* trash TV LOL
* warm winters
* good sleep
* allergy abatement
* good lab testing
* my nerdiness and eccentricity
* stores that still CLOSE on Thanksgiving and other holidays
* living closer to the parents
* not having to study for tests
* Disney movies

I think Mr. Kitty is up now…it’s only 10:45am. 😉


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