Take it back

Of late, two opposing groups have come to light.  The first camp includes those who are stamping their feet and pitching a fit about taking their country back.  The second camp scoffs, scorns, and laughs at the first, wondering who they want to take their country back from.

I fit into the first group.

I, for one, am pissed off and tired of extremist tyrants from both sides (or additional sides) trying to take over to promote some agenda other than that which our country was nobly based on.

So I have an answer to that second elitist, ignorant group who seems to be incorrigibly clueless, lacking a grip on reality.


…from those who think it’s perfectly OK to nominate a presidential candidate whose past is questioned and yet his records are sealed.

…from those who think that healthcare should be free and that people shouldn’t have to actually take responsibility for themselves and their physical condition.

…from those who think it’s OK to mandate that every American purchase a product/service, such as health insurance.  (Don’t bother using the car insurance mandate on me – that’s to cover the other poor sap you hit when you’re texting on your phone – it’s for them, not you.  Health insurance is all you.)

…from those who think it’s OK to pass kids who should be failing.

…from those who think it’s OK to teach scientific theories as though they were fact.

…from those who don’t know how to spell or form thoughts or coherent sentences.

…from those who seek to castrate the US Constitution.

…from those who think the Constitution is a “living breathing document subject to change” and subject to the “present-day interpretations”.

…from those who poison, irradiate, pollute, vaccinate, hormonally-enhance, homogenize, manipulate, pasteurize, fluoridate, diminish, or genetically engineer our food/water supply.

…from those who pursue money above all else in the world and would sacrifice friendships, family ties, or time with family and friends to do so.

…from those who impose “zero-tolerance” policies because they’re too feeble-minded to consider each case and make reasonable exceptions when it’s the logical thing to do.

…from those who think it’s perfectly OK to end innocent life – newborns, animals, etc.

…from those who derive pleasure from inflicting pain on any living being.

…from those whose entire religious/spiritual philosophy is to parrot “Jesus Christ is My Lord and Savior”.

…from those who impose their atheism upon the rest of us by attempting to outlaw religious or spiritual expression in public venues.

…from people who think it’s perfectly OK to take the hard-earned fruits of one’s labor to give to another who did not put forth such effort.

…from those to whom others’ rights to privacy does not matter.

…from those who cannot control or properly guide their children.

…from those who think they deserve entitlements.

…from those who would sue over something minor at the drop of a hat.

…from those who attempt to re-write history to say something different than what actually happened.

…from those who attempt to change speech to control thought.

…from those who outdatedly think senior citizens are entitled to discounts just because they’re old.

…from those who want to turn this country into Europe.

…from those who want someone else to pay for everything.

…from those on the right who continually won’t stand up for what they believe in.

…from those who think they should receive preferential treatment because they’re of a certain race.

…from those who have no regard for the law or moral code.

…from those who will not work to improve themselves or their quality of life.

…from those who are obsessed with sports.

…from those who are obsessed with celebrities.

…from those who think The Onion is a legitimate news source.

…from those who won’t think for themselves.

…from those who want to outsource their perceived obligation to provide charity.

…from those who cannot visualize long term.

…from those who cannot think critically or logically.

…from those who think pharmaceuticals are the answer.

…from those who seek to deceive others, or cover up or spin would-be bad PR.

…from those who actually believe the “better living through chemistry” mantra.

…from those who live and die by the stock market.

…from those who indulge excessively in mind-altering chemicals.

…from those who refuse to own up to their faults or mistakes.

…from those who would actually own a Smart Car or a Mini Cooper….or a Hummer H2 or Escalade, for that matter.

…from those who think it’s OK to narrow peoples’ choices (healthcare, monopolies, oligopolies, etc)

…from those who think everyone around them should just adjust to, deal with, or put up with THEM.

…from those who seek to abolish certain terms like Founding Fathers from our schools.

…from those who seek to disarm us of our ability to defend ourselves.

…from those who think it takes a village to raise someone’s kid.

…from those who detest the south.

…from those who are obsessed with change for the sake of change and scoff at others for being “behind the times”.

…from those who think it’s OK to murder the innocent but not the guilty.

…from those who want to snoop on your health and financial records…and merge them.

…from those who see nothing wrong with getting everything from China.

…from those whose IQs probably don’t top 100.


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