This will be my year

Holy crap, did I just skip an entire month in the blogosphere?  Well, I guess I have been a bit busy.  If it makes you feel any better, I did come close to posting a few times.  Trouble is, I fell asleep before I was able to write anything.  That concept makes ME feel better (the whole sleep thing).

Well, I’m watching Family Guy, reading Consumerist, and staring down the barrel of another birthday.  Those are finite, you know, and each one is a gift.  I’ll be spending this one at the office, but I’m OK with that.  It’s that whole “putting in my dues” thing.  Besides, the office isn’t a bad place to spend the day, even if it’s my birthday.

I’ll take this opportunity to thank you, Mom, for having me near Labor Day weekend.  This means that every time I blow out the candles, there’s a warm holiday weekend just around the corner, if we’re not in the midst of it already.

I’m in a semi-reflective mood, because Mercury Retrograde does that (if you have to ask, you’ll never know).  Over the years, some things change, some things don’t.  Usually, my birthday has somehow involved the purchase of new computer parts.  Jay confessed he hasn’t bought anything yet; he’s thinking Dillard’s.  I’m thinking Altex.  Maybe.

Then again, I’m growing up (finally); Dillard’s may tickle my fancy after all.  I’m not too grown-up, however, to be above belting out Disney tunes in public.  Been there, done that.  The only unanswered questions are, which Disney tune this time, and in which public arena?

This’s my first birthday in South Texas (at least in a hell of a long time).  It’s also my first gluten-free birthday.  No conventional cupcakes or double-chocolate for me.  Hell, I even have to be careful with ice cream.  This isn’t something I can just say “screw it” for the day and have whatever I want.  Unless, of course, I want to destroy my cerebellum.  That’s usually a bad idea, so I’ll opt for a gluten-free option.  Lots to choose from.

From here, I look forward.  I’ve been doing that so much lately that even the little reflection I’ve done makes me feel odd.  I plan to continue to age backwards.  I plan to continue to live my dream(s).  I plan to become a more compassionate, yet more confident person.

This is my year to grow a bigger backbone, to follow through, to git ‘er done, to inhale positivity, to branch out, to kick butt, to come into my own, to rock this town, to have a ball, and to take each day as it comes.  Hopefully by this time next year I will have taken up painting again, joined a martial arts, yoga, and/or nia class, gotten involved, made new friends, joined some groups, and saved the world (or at least taught them how to save themselves).  Yep, I can feel it.

Bring it.

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