we’re the Deadbeat Club

Tonight is a couch night.  We did put in some studying dues; there’s a Clinical Nutrition exam to prepare for.  Luckily for me, I find it interesting, which means I study less and retain more.

For the remainder of the night, though, my partner is watching “Far and Away” on satellite TV and I’m reclined on one of eight Lay-Z-Boy sections that make up our sofa, with my laptop that has about 40 Firefox windows and 3 Word documents running, contemplating the nature of the world.  Among the browser windows are this blog, my basic Facebook page, my Vampire Wars, Mafia Wars, and Fashion Wars games (all are Facebook applications), the fruits of a “revenge+telemarketer” search, a San Antonio message forum on city-data.com, and more.  Both cats are off somewhere, probably laying on their backs with their feet spread, secluded in individual rooms, where they can minimize our pestering them.

I click back and forth between my browser windows.  Suck someone’s blood, gain 2000 units of lifeforce.  Bail a fellow vampire out of insane asylum, collect 2000 units.  Do a bank heist, collect $5k and an Eight of Hearts.  Rob a jewelry store, collect $10k and put it toward an AK-47.  Run low on energy?  Visit the Godfather for a refill.  It all sounds unbelievably violent, but Because Entertainment and all that.

Yes, boys and girls, since I 90/90’d Clinical Psychology, this is how I plan to spend the remainder of my days in that post-prandial class.  Sure, I’ll listen.  There’s something in me that actually finds borderline personality disorder interesting.  I’m well aware of the danger they potentially present to a practice.  And Lord knows we’ll have to deal with them in our practice.  Hell, I’m positive I already have.  I understand the value of the information we’re receiving, and I’m happy to receive it.  It’s just that it shares mental energy with the bodyslam of a rival mobster.


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