my world. delivered.


Okay, okay, I’ll fess up: I’m semi-addicted to Facebook.

I hadn’t even heard of it until a few months ago when one of our professors included it in his list of rant objects that are sworn to bring down all of industrialized society as we know it.

My partner joined a few days before I did; he’s fairly stunted socially and he minimizes his contact with computers (although he’s a whizbang at troubleshooting them and he does like to spend copious amounts of time on Amazon); thus, I don’t even know what spurred him to commit such an act.

Contrary to popular belief, it actually wasn’t him that got me interested.  No, over lunch 2 days ago, one of our Front-Row Fab Four was reading a comment that one of his friends made online and it piqued my interest.  Then I found out you had to join the blasted thing to read what they wrote.

So I did.

Big mistake.  LOL.  It’s such a blast.  If you’re not already familiar with Facebook, approach with caution, because it sucks you in and even if you assumed you aren’t the social kind of person, well, there’s so much to do on there that it ends up getting the best of you one way or another.

First it’s the Express Yourself part.  Then it’s the finding other people.  Then the morbid curiosity sets in and you find yourself wondering who you can dredge up from the past.  My God, some people I’d gone to school with look OLD.  (This does not apply to any of my friends, so please, nobody cough up any indignant hairballs! 🙂 )  It’s fun to find out where everyone went.  Many ended up staying in the metro area we graduated high school in.  Many left.  Someone ended up in Thailand.

And then it becomes about how many friends you can add.  You start racking up the numbers, and then you start racking your brain trying to come up with everyone you know so you can add them to your friends list.  It’s kind of like a status symbol to have a lot of friends.  I feel sorry for those who might resort to adding people they don’t even know, though.

I did add someone by accident.  I did a search for the name of someone in my class and a couple came up, one of whom had the same name, city, school, and even similar graduation year (!) and I couldn’t tell from the photo that it wasn’t the one I had searched for.  Thinking I had the right guy, I sent an “Add Friend” request and he had accepted it (probably thinking I was someone from his past or whatever) and now that I know it’s the wrong guy, I’m keeping things as they are regardless.  I’m too embarrassed to remove him and say “oh.  You’re not the right one.” LOL.  Luckily, he’s a nice guy.

Facebook has now become my new way of staying awake in some of the more droning morning classes where profs read monotonously from Power Points (won’t mention names, but you catch my drift), and other later morning or afternoon times where the blood sugar just decides to exercise its autonomy and plummet.  In fact, a classmate on my friends list who sits behind me saw my screen and instant-messaged me with a good-natured “hey you stop that”.  So, sitting not more than 2 feet away from each other, we’re messaging back and forth.  It had this fun, nerdy surreal quality to it.

My partner seems to be an addict, too.  In fact, no matter how late it is and how quickly tomorrow morning will be here, Mister-I-won’t-go-to-my-high-school-reunions-because-I-didn’t-like-them-then-so-why-would-I-want-to-see-them-now actually checks his Facebook for new updates and comments before retiring for bed.  Now if that’s not dedication…


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