Freeing the Demons

I went for my first NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) session today.  I don’t exactly understand it, but my instinct is telling me that it’s the missing link (or at least a really big part of it) to resolving some of my health issues.  I don’t know much about it, but I do know that it’s proven fact that emotional experiences can (and do) elicit physiological responses.  Memories of emotional trauma can replay those physiological responses even though you’re not presently re-experiencing the trauma.  Over time, the protein replication that goes on in all of your cells is altered and it actually changes the way your body functions as a whole.  This can influence a lot of different processes, whether it’s digestion, sleep, hormone production, or anything else.  And apparently, memories of emotional issues can get locked away, unresolved and festering, for a long, long time…

I didn’t exactly know what to expect in detail, but I had dutifully watched the loaner intro DVD at home, so I at least had a pretty good idea.  It doesn’t take long.  The doctor (of chiropractic) adjusted my spine and then I sat in a comfy chair and held my arm out.  He told me to resist while saying different words or phrases and pressing on certain points.  Sometimes I could hold my arm up and sometimes I just couldn’t.  It’s not that he pushed any harder; there were no snake oil quackery games here; it’s just that my own resistance was temporarily gone.

Some of the results surprised me.  He isolated some memories and some blocked up acu-type points, sprayed the inside of my mouth with a mild refreshing homeopathy preparation, and adjusted certain points of my spine with a soft tool that clicked.  He said there may be a change in emotions over a period of time, because the body has to process everything that just happened.  I knew what he was talking about.

I didn’t feel anything different at first.  It wasn’t until I reached the parking lot that it came.  My mouth tightened up as though I was trying to smile widely, laugh, or cry, and it ended up that all three happened at the same time.  I didn’t freak out; it was the emotional release the doctor mentioned.  I’ve had many of these emotional releases before, and I knew that it was a possible–even probable–aftereffect.  Although I was somewhat crying, no tears fell; a dry cry, as I’ve come to call them.  Sometimes just the heaving is enough to release, and at other times, the tears do come.  I reached the truck and drove back to school with the radio off so that I could process everything undistracted.

Now, a couple hours later, I have to say that I feel a bit more confident and sociable.  A little less intimidated by other people, situations, and life’s pressures.  Working through these emotions and traumatic events will probably take a little while; some of them have been stored inside for a couple decades.  But I think I’m on my way.  Today was a really good first step.


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